JOPLIN, Mo. — Several organizations tell us the number of people needing help to put enough food on the table has never been greater.

That’s why trainers at the Joplin Family Y have been collecting food over the last month. The items will help out food-insecure students and staff. Derrick Hornback with the Y says more than 3,000 items were collected and delivered to the high school Monday to help restock the shelves of the Eagle Food Pantry.

“We put all our fitness staff on teams, and we divided up into four teams and we challenged our fitness staff to, challenge the members in their classes or that they’re training, to come alongside and partner with us so to get food for the Joplin Food Pantry,” said Hornback.

“We provide monthly food boxes to our families here in need, so our families could be staff members at Joplin High School or student family,” said Whitney Stahl, J.H.S. Teacher, Food Pantry.

So how great is the need for the food brought in from the drive? Stahl says 70 percent of Joplin school kids now qualify for free or reduced meals. This is the second time trainers from the Y have held a collection.