JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin city leaders say they were shocked to learn of the shooting yesterday (Thursday) downtown.

Joplin Mayor Doug Lawson says he was dismayed after hearing about one juvenile shooting another yesterday.

Mayor Lawson tells us typically these types of situations don’t happen in the city, let alone ones involving people of such young ages.

He adds this can add a safety concern and negative image for Joplin residents and businesses but says the quick response from the Joplin Police Department can put residents at ease.

Fred and Red’s employees say, surprisingly, business increased for them yesterday evening.

“Actually after the shooting, we did get kind of busy, actually, which is weird. Yeah. I mean, I think our customers are the most loyal out there. They’re coming. They’ll come no matter what,” said Kaden Niday, Fred and Red’s night shift manager.

“We believe it was an isolated incident, and we don’t anticipate any more incidents like that. Citizens should always be aware of their surroundings, and that goes for any town, any city, any community,” said Doug Lawson, Joplin City Mayor.

The investigation is ongoing, and we will provide you with the latest details as they are made available.