JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin City Council passed a motion Monday evening for the preliminary approval of an ordinance focusing on marijuana in city limits.

The ordinance focuses on different aspects relating to the drug.

It states that it is unlawful to consume or smoke marijuana in any public places or areas that are not permitted to allow that activity.

Last November, Amendment Three made it legal for those 21 and older to have up to three ounces of marijuana, that legality is now listed in the city’s ordinance.

The ordinance also states it is illegal to be under the influence of the drug while operating any form of motorized transportation.

It also concerns illegal growing, meaning that those 21 and older cannot possess, grow or harvest more than six flowering plants, six non-flowering plants, and six seedlings, or clones, at a time.

Again, the ordinance specifies fines ranging from $100-$1,000 for the various laws listed in the ordinance.

That ordinance was passed by the eight present council members tonight for its first reading, or preliminary approval.