JOPLIN, Mo. — The State Auditor’s Office says they will perform an audit for the City of Joplin following a petition from residents.

On Tuesday, the state office sent a letter to Joplin Mayor Doug Lawson confirming that an audit will take place in the near future. The petition requires a number of signatures equal to 10 percent of the number of votes cast in the last gubernatorial election with a minimum of 1,970.

Jasper and Newton County Clerks certified 2,203 of the signatures submitted as valid, registered, resident voters, the state office said.

No set date has been announced for the audit. The State Auditor’s Office will schedule an entrance meeting with the City of Joplin when staffing allows.

Mayor Lawson released the following statement on the audit confirmation:

“Some citizens have asked for an audit of the City of Joplin, as is their right to do so. The Missouri Auditor’s office has notified the City of a sufficient number of valid signatures, and their office will conduct a Petition Audit. We look forward to working with the State Auditor and his staff to complete the requested audit.”