JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s a weekend of pride in Downtown Joplin. Tonight through Sunday, JO-MO Pride is hosting a full calendar of events celebrating the LGBTQ community. 3 days of drag and music events will feature more than a dozen local entertainers — and some special guests like Saint The Creator and “Mr. Gay America” winner Christopher Iman. But most importantly, the weekend is all about building community and having fun.

“You’re able to go to the Kansas City Pride or the St. Louis Pride or Fayetteville Pride, but we’re still able to have this many people here. And every year it just keeps growing, and more and more people keep coming. So I feel like that’s probably one of the best parts of it is seeing the influx of people that are feeling more able to share who they are,” said TJ Fiske, Director of Media

“I want people to know that this weekend is going to be the one weekend, if they’ve never been out around their own community, that this is the weekend to dress up however you want, act however you want, just be happy and be joyful and just be yourself,” said Stephan Storm, Local Entertainer.

Pridefest kicked off with a Pride Social at Blackthorn Pizza and Pub this evening.
A Main Street Pride March starting at Blackthorn will be held Saturday morning, followed by a day of drag performances and nighttime bar shows for visitors over 21.
Chaos Brewing will host an “All Stars Drag Brunch” for $20 Sunday from 10 to noon. The last day’s festivities will move to Landreth Park until 7 p.m.

For a full list of events, you can follow this link here.