JOPLIN, Mo. — Students of the Joplin High School Philanthropic Society have chosen to partner with FosterAdopt Connect. The Club presented them with a check for nearly $11,000 in support of the non-profit’s efforts to provide services for local foster and adoptive families.

JHS students worked during last school year on several fundraising projects to reach their goal.

“You know, one of the first conversations I had with this group was just helping them to identify kind of what they wanted these funds to be spent on. And so hearing kind of some of their testimony on why they were passionate, some of the things they had seen among their peers, being displaced, you know, being affected with foster care, and just seeing their passion was really enlightening to me you know,” said Tom Furrh, Executive Director, FosterAdopt.

“So I think it’s really important for us, the age that we’re in at school, we kind of see a perspective that is kind of easy to overlook in our community. There’s a lot of issues that go on that could use donations like this, you know, there’s plenty of things that can use money to improve their cause. But for us, it was within our school, we saw that this was kind of affecting some of our peers,” said Elijah Neville, Philanthropic Society Board Member.

The group will be working again this year to raise funds for another organization in need.