JOPLIN, Mo. — While the weather is still a bit chilly, spring officially begins on Monday.

With that, many people are setting their focus on a new season of agriculture.

The Feed Wagon Farm and Feed Supply hosted their second annual Chick Days event, today at their location just South of Joplin.

Baby chicks, from local hatcheries, were available for purchase, along with offered discounts on feed products.

Attendees also enjoyed a free lunch of sandwiches, chips, and drinks.

Agriculture specialists say this time of year is favorable for people to obtain backyard birds and begin raising them. The main reason is that it’s easier for new chicken owners to raise them in warmer weather.

Specialists say this year could see a lot more of those new owners.

“I’ve kind of been telling a lot of people that this year is the year of the chicken. There’s a lot of nervousness about egg production and egg prices, and a lot of people are kind of wanting to, you know, people that are new to agriculture or raising animals, chickens are a pretty easy gateway into that. So, that’s what we’re kinda trying to do here is just make it as easy as possible for people to get into raising their own birds,” said Steven Lovato, Feed Wagon Farm & Feed Supply Employee.

The Feed Wagon Farm and Feed Supply have locations in Joplin, Neosho, and Granby.

The Granby location will host a Chick Days event next Saturday, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.