JOPLIN, Mo. — Kids from all over Joplin got a pre-Halloween candy fix tonight (10/27).

Students from Joplin High School hosted a trick-or-treat night for the younger ones that attend Joplin’s elementary and middle schools.

Nearly 1,000 kids in costume, along with their parents traveled the halls of JHS, going from one station to another, getting their face painted, or participating in Halloween-themed games (while grabbing candy along the way).

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More than 20 stations were set up and ran by students from various high school clubs and organizations.

“All of the high schoolers are running it and handing out the candy so it’s a good opportunity for us high schoolers to get involved with the community, and then it’s also just safer for the kids and it’s also kind of fun to see their friends come into the school that they’re going to go to eventually, and just walk around and see what it’s like and have some fun,” said JHS Student Body Vice President, Abigail Eckert.

The trick-or-treat event for the Joplin community was free of charge and is hosted each year by the Joplin High School Student Council.