JOPLIN, Mo. — This afternoon marked 15 years of a very special Christmas tradition.

“Hideout Harley Davidson” in Joplin has partnered with “Saint Paul United Methodist Church” since 2007 for a Christmas Toy Drive.

Today the “Mike Boyd Memorial Toy Run” was held as part of the toy drive.

Boyd played a huge role in making the event happen each year.

He helped to coordinate it and spread the word each year, all to ensure that every child has presents to open on Christmas morning.

Sadly, Boyd passed away in September, but his memory lived on today as over 30 bikers brought in hundreds of gifts.

“If we all can remember to keep each other’s hearts, feelings and you know, the love for others in our hearts. I think that’s the most important thing. Things like this that help to remember him and his passion,” said Becky Boyd, Mike’s Wife.

“I just so greatly appreciate what they’re able to do for the kids because of gift given in this way,” said Pastor Britton Fields, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

“It is a wonderful thing that the kids get presents that their parents have actually picked out for them. Their parents have gone through and shopped and figured out what their kid wants,” said Nancy Hampton, Director, Outreach and Missions.

In December, parents will get to shop at the “Affordable Shop” to purchase gifts for their kids at a low cost.