JOPLIN, Mo. — The war between Russia and Ukraine is now beginning its second year.

A Joplin woman has been monitoring the battle much closer than most.

Liliya Moos was born and raised in the city of Odessa in Ukraine.

She moved to the U.S. in 1998 but still has family members in the war-torn country.

She says all of them are safe, but three of her nephews are still fighting in the conflict.

She says she couldn’t be more proud of her homeland.

“I’m proud about my country, about my people because everybody in the world predicted three days, two weeks, months maximum Russia over Ukraine but we still exist, we’re still fighting and most our territory is under Ukrainian protection,” said Liliya Moos, Ukrainian Native.

She and her husband have started a scholarship fund for Ukrainian students in the Joplin area that can’t return to their country for now.

She’s also made Ukrainian clothing and other items for sale with all proceeds going toward that cause.

They are located inside Adornable Alterations and Embroidery at 2026 South Main.

You can contribute to the cause by donating on MSSU’s website, here.