KSNF/KODE — Traveling can often be stressful, but dealing with a scam during a trip can quickly add to that stress.

The “Better Business Bureau” alerted us of a person who purchased a plane ticket through a third-party company.

After being charged and seeing a credit card authorization in their email, the targeted person called the airline to confirm the flight, only to find out the scammers had canceled that flight.

The third-party company then changed the email used to purchase the ticket so they would get the travel points and a refund.

The total loss? Over $1,500.

“It’s so easy for someone to create a website that looks legitimate at first glance but when you look a little closer you start to see errors, grammatical spelling errors, there is no physical location, no customer serves number for support and those are big red flags,” said Pamela Hernandez, Regional Director Springfield BBB.

The “Better Business Bureau” says some good tips to prevent this from happening to you, including verifying the booking site, checking the website security, keeping all documentation, and always checking with the BBB.