JOPLIN, Mo. — Members of the American Legion Post 13 highlighted the importance of veteran funeral services, today (Sunday).

It took place at Bethel Baptist Church in Joplin.

Nine members of the American Legion Post 13 took this opportunity to honor veterans for Memorial Day, as well as to explain what each act in their ceremony means.

Members fired off three rifle shots, played bugles, and rang the Navy bell seven times before going inside to demonstrate the folding of the American flag — and what each 13 folds mean.

“To us, every veteran deserves to have the military honor sword. Whether they served in combat or not— Once you sign that piece of paper and take the oath, you’re saying you are willing to put your life on the line, should it become necessary — and anybody that’s willing to do that deserves to receive all the honors we can give them,” said Bob Harrington, Commander, American Legion Post 13.

Members of Post 13 also give each family a Bible, along with what they call “challenge coins” at every funeral.