JOPLIN, Mo. — A total of $7 million in grant funds including matching ARPA contributions will go towards Joplin’s community revitalization, the city announced Tuesday.

Joplin city officials were notified of grant funds totaling $3.5 million coming from the Missouri Department of Economic Development late last week; one of 70 grants throughout the state through the DED’s Community Revitalization Grant Program. The funds for which come from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) which invests in community’s economic recovery in the wake of COVID-19.

The DED grant providing $3.5 million plus the City’s ARPA match contribution will equate to $7 million intended for community cleanup, affordable housings, and more. City leaders devised a list of unfunded needs and goals months in advance, according to a press release, and announced how the money will be spent:

  • $2 million for minor home repairs, defined as no more than $40,000 per household
  • $2 million for demolition of dangerous structures
  • $3 million for down payment assistance, and closing costs, defined as no more than 20% and not to exceed $40,000 per applicant

“This is great news for the City and our community,” said Nick Edwards, City Manager. “This grant provides funding to establish several programs for the City’s Affordable Housing Preservation initiative and help improve our neighborhoods and clean up areas of neglect and disrepair. Council set these goals in 2020 and allows us much needed resources to address declining neighborhoods and provide more affordable housing.”