JOPLIN, Mo. — It was a big Halloween party for the folks at Joplin’s “Independent Living Center.”

Dozens of people got together to enjoy some tasty treats, and that was before they broke out the candy. There was a costume contest pitting witches and skeletons against card games and “Flo” from Progressive.

Sharon Storm started the day dressed up as a wolf, which wasn’t popular with her pet dog.

“I’ve got a wolf and my dog is scared to death of it. I growled at her and she wanted out of my apartment. The next day my aide came, and I put it on, and she was fine,” said Sharon Storm, Independent Living Center resident.

“We don’t get any other time to do anything like this – people don’t think about us people dressing up, having fun at Halloween. And it’s just a, you go around and they get you, you know we trick or treat,” said Elisabeth Earhart, Independent Living Center resident.

The Independent Living Center brought in some celebrity judges for the costume contest, with Missouri State Representatives Lane Roberts and Ann Kelley.