JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s the largest gathering of show trucks in the United States, and it’s happening right here in Joplin.

The 2023 biannual Guilty by Association Truck Show continues today in Joplin. More than 800 show trucks rolled into town for the event, and roughly 35 food vendors were on site.

Numerous trucking corporations and businesses lined the area, helping bring tons of revenue and traffic to the city.

Moreover, thousands of people turn out for the three-day big rig show, featuring the world’s largest convoy that raises funds to help support Special Olympics.

“We’re super proud of what it does for the city of Joplin. We love working with the community business folks and realizing how we can all work together, but there is no question there will be over 10,000 folks here to see trucks. And we love that our city, our community is able to benefit from that,” said Brice Martin, 4 State Trucks Vice President.

Martin tells us that the original convoy was canceled by the city of Joplin, but that doesn’t stop them from supporting the Special Olympics.

He tells us the show must go on, and a smaller convoy is planned for tomorrow at 9 AM.

It will run from Joplin 44 Petro through I-44 to exit 22, and from there return to Joplin 44 Petro.