JOPLIN, Mo. — Call it perfect timing when it comes to what was distributed at a Joplin nonprofit.

That’d be a whole lot of non-perishable food items, all part of the KSN and KODE Feed the Love food campaign.

The food pantry at Souls Harbor is one of the beneficiaries every year.

A little bit of everything is now on the shelves, which isn’t always the case this time of year.

“Now everybody just kind of thinking about you know the normal five-course meal thing but you know back during the holidays then we have a lot of turkey, a lot of ham, a lot of cranberry sauce, that sort of thing, tons of green beans but not many of the other vegetables so now everybody eats a more balanced diet this way,” said Dianna Gurley, Exec. Director, Souls Harbor.

The campaign encompasses a number of Four State communities.

All collected food items stay in the community from where they were donated.