JOPLIN, Mo. — We are learning more details about the gunman killed in Tuesday’s shooting with Joplin officers.

The suspect, Anthony Felix, had a long history of arrests and convictions.

Including this out of Maricopa, Arizona in 2019: Felix was convicted of aggravated assault on an officer – and physically resisting arrest.

Anthony Felix

He was sentenced to 18-months in prison.

Felix also faced one count of Conspiracy to Commit Theft or Receipt of Stolen Mail Matter in one Arizona case from 2010. And in another case faced three counts of Theft or Receipt of Stolen Mail Matter – both of these were felony charges.

Originally, three officers were wounded in Tuesday’s shooting as well as Felix. However, one officer, Cpl. Ben Cooper, would succumb to his injuries and pass away later that night. The gunman also died.

A candlelight vigil was held that same night in honor of Cpl. Cooper and his fellow officers injured in the event. JPD also parked a police cruiser in front of their station in honor of their fallen officer, and encourage residents to visit and pay respects.