COVID CALL CENTER 417-347-6444 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

JOPLIN, Mo. — Today health professionals at Joplin City Hall introduced a collaborative call center to the public and the drive-thru test location. The COVID CALL CENTER is a phone bank of health professionals to answer questions. It is staffed by Freeman and Mercy health care workers. It’s a joint efforce of Joplin Health Department and both hospitals.

Questions that they could ask you if you call:

  • Is your temperature 100.4
  • Have you traveled outside the region?
  • Have you had contact with someone who has C-19
  • Then if those screening questions ring true you will have to fill out a long form PUI questionaire on the phone with the health care professional.
  • If you qualify then for the test you will be given a Doctors order for the test and an appointment at the drive-thru test center, 1905 West 32nd Street.

Site for test is a drive-thru site, you don’t get out of your car. There was a run-through of it’s operation on Friday, “it was a great success,” Paul Baker, Freeman Health Systems President states. The lower level parking lot of Thousand Oaks, 1905 West 32nd Street, is where people will be tested by vehicle in drive-thru. It’s open Tuesday – Thursday 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

To be tested you must have qualified on the COVID CALL CENTER line. You will have an assigned appointment.

  • Open your window slightly with your ID showing so they can take a photo of your ID.
  • They will take your temperature. If you no longer have a temperature you might not be tested.
  • The test is a nasal swab and could cause a gagging reflex. If so turn your head.

“At first there will be 20 people a day that will be swabbed. The amount of tests available to Freeman and Mercy is limited,” Jeremy Drinkwitz, Mercy President

Dr. David Baker from FSHP FB LIVE! broadcast.

Dr. David Baker, Freeman Health System employee, tells the media in the press conference Monday morning, “we have 14 tests that have been performed,” from screenings on the COVID CALL CENTER. It typically takes 48-72 hours for the test results to be returned, they are tested at the state level.

  • 14 tests performed
  • 10 are negative
  • 3 are pending
  • 1 was positive. “That patient was not deathly ill. The patient did not require to be hospitalized and was discharged home, to self-quarantine and recover,” Dr. Baker.

JOPLIN NEWS FIRST — Like many of you we need to keep it simple. We found this campaign from the World Health Organization super easy to understand for all ages.

  • 1 HANDS Wash them often
  • 2 ELBOW Cough into it
  • 3 FACE Don’t touch it
  • 4 SPACE Keep safe distance
  • 5 HOME Stay if you can