JOPLIN, Mo. — Changes are coming for a busy Joplin road.

City officials say the Connecticut Widening Program — price tagged at more than $3 million — is set to begin construction in mid-November. Thursday night, residents got a chance to view the final construction plans to widen Connecticut Avenue to five-lanes and add a bigger sidewalk — a project that includes a bike trail. The project is funded through a capital improvement sales tax approved in 2014.

D&E Plumbing and Heating has been contracted to handle the program. Project organizers say they’re trying to do all of this with minimal road closures.

“We’ve talked with the contractor. We want to keep the road open to through traffic. So, Connecticut will always be open. There will be some closures of the side streets. So, the main work along Connecticut, when you get to the side street, you have to close that side street. But there will be the other side streets will, will be open,” said Dan Johnson, Joplin Public Works Director.

The project is expected to wrap up in August of next year.