JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin Schools remind area residents that community safe rooms will be open throughout the district in the case of tornado warnings or when tornado sirens are activated by Joplin’s Emergency Management Director.

If warnings or sirens occur during school hours, students and staff will receive priority for safe room occupancy.

While all school buildings in the district include safe room locations for students and staff, not all
school buildings include Community Safe Rooms. Dover Hill Elementary, Roi S. Wood, Joplin
Early Childhood, East Middle School, North Middle School, and South Middle School do not
have Community Safe Rooms

Community Safe Rooms are offered at the following locations:
● Beacon School: 202 Malloy Circle, Duenweg
● Cecil Floyd Elementary: 2201 W. 24th St.
● Eastmorland Elementary: 1131 Highview Ave.
● Irving Elementary: 2901 S. McClelland Blvd.
● Jefferson Elementary: 130 McKinley Ave.
● Joplin High School: 2104 Indiana Ave.
● Junge Stadium: 800 Junge Blvd.
● Kelsey Norman Elementary: 1323 E. 28th St.
● McKinley Elementary: 610 S. Forest
● Royal Heights Elementary: 2100 Rolla Ave.
● Soaring Heights Elementary: 4604 E. 20th St.
● Stapleton Elementary: 101 E. 41st St.
● West Central Elementary: 1001 W. Seventh St.

If district staff determine a need to open safe rooms in advance of an official Tornado Warning or activation of tornado sirens in Joplin, a notification will be posted to the district’s Facebook page. Community Safe Rooms will remain open until a Tornado Warning has been allowed to expire. Occupants must evacuate Community Safe Rooms upon the expiration of the warning.

Per FEMA guidelines, no weapons, animals, tobacco use, drugs or alcohol will be permitted in
Community Safe Rooms. For a complete list of rules and expectations about community safe rooms you can follow this link here.