JOPLIN, Mo. — A junior student at College Heights has been selected to take part in a prestigious national program.

Jeanna Smathers will take part in the “Bill of Rights Institutes Student Fellowship.”

Only twenty students were selected from applicants across the nation.

It’s a six-month educational program that helps high school students develop as leaders and develop skills to help society.

Smathers will meet twice monthly through zoom during the school year and then travel to Washington, DC for a whole week of events.

“Part of the work was to just write an essay of like, why I want to be in this. And so I included facts about why I love learning about history. And I think like one of the Washington DC trips is all going to be about like, leadership skills. And so I was excited for that, and just like how I wanted to gain and like practice leadership skills, and then also just how I wanted to learn about the values that what makes America America,” said Jeanna Smathers, College Heights Student.

Smathers is the first student from College Heights to be selected to participate in the Bill of Rights Institute Student Fellowship.