CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — 6.5 million dollars, that’s the proposed budget for Carl Junction in 2024.

A new feature for our four-legged friends in Country Club Estates Park is just one of the goals approved for Carl Junction’s 2024 city budget.

“We need to do some work out there to make it a little bit more usable. Part of the items for that one as we’ve started talking about putting a dog park in out there. That’s been consistently people have requested that,” said Steve Lawver, CJ City Admin.

City leaders approved the six-and-a-half million dollar spending plan at last night’s meeting.

Projects tackled in the next year include a two-million-dollar water system upgrade.

“Take care of some four four-inch lines that have multiple houses hooked up to them and that’s mainly in three parts of town where that work will be,” said Lawver.

The community center will see some updates, including new lighting.

Two more phases of sidewalk construction will stretch East on Pennell, working toward the goal of a safer, more walkable community.

“That being Z Highway, it is a safety issue – we have had pedestrian, and bicycle interactions with vehicles that haven’t been good. So this should take care of that. We should get people off walking on the street, on Pennell anyway. And hopefully, it helps with that type of thing,” said Lawver.

The new budget includes raises for city workers, ranging from two to three percent depending on the position.

The Public Works Department will develop a master plan to prioritize which city streets will see road improvements in the next few years.

“Our funding for roads and street projects is preset every year we don’t get a lot of money in for it. We rely on the state gas tax and then our transportation sales tax. This year will be a planning year we’ll we will look at a lot of streets this year. And then see if we can do a project next year. You know, when we have a little bit more funds available,” said Lawver.

The new budget starts on May 1st.