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Artificial intelligence & cybersecurity — What to know

JOPLIN, Mo. — Artificial intelligence is in all kinds of technology. It’s making a big difference in how safe we are online – both for the good and the bad.

Artificial intelligence can be a powerful watchdog – scanning for virtual threats at home and on the job. It can also be used to test your security measures.

“Generative AI – so this is talking about artificial intelligence. That, well, if you give it a prompt, it can generate text. It can generate information. It uses the internet and it uses any kind of, you know, all kinds of plugins,” said Blake Pirtle, SNC2.

If you’ve posted photos or voice recordings online, AI can also mimic your voice or image without your knowledge.

“Somebody can take these clips of my voice and use AI to … say if I said any other word, that now they’re taking on my voice. So AI is coming up with a lot of different and new ways to break into not only your personal network, into your business’s network,” said Pirtle.

Blake Pirtle with SNC Squared says using some throwback security can help protect you from some of those risks. He points out that should be used as an extra layer of protection on top of existing firewalls and antivirus measures.

“Do something that might sound a little old school and come up with a passcode, a verbal passcode for you and your business. It can be anything – but you will want it to be something that is maybe off the wall, something nobody would guess,” said Pirtle.

He adds that using human oversight from IT support is another real-world step that can combat an AI threat.

“We’re able to leverage tools that have people physically watching your network 24/7. Because we may not be able to stop somebody with a technique that we’ve never seen before get into the network, but we can certainly stop the spread which can mitigate the damage,” said Pirtle.