JOPLIN, Mo. — Many people are heading to the lakes and rivers this Memorial Day weekend.

That’s the case on the shore of “Shoal Creek” at “Zan’s Creekside Campground” in Joplin.

Visitors started setting up their camping spots on the creek or taking off for a float trip as early as seven this morning.

The owners of Zan’s say this is the first Memorial Day weekend in four years that they’ve been able to be open due to significant flooding on the property in years past.

Dozens of families and friend groups say they’re spending their weekend on the water, trying to stay cool.

“My sister and her family came down from Harrisonville, and I live here in Joplin, and we just love Zan’s. It’s reasonably priced to get in, and we’re right on the water, and we’re just out here having some lunch too and floating and just hanging out,” said Billie Ward, hanging out at Zan’s Creekside Campground.

“My dad is grilling hamburgers because I don’t like hotdogs or brats, so…,” said Saniah Haws, hanging out at Zan’s Creekside Campground.

“Floatin’ from the falls at hanging out at Zan’s Creekside Campground with my wife and friends. Gotta be on the creek for Memorial Day,” said Geoff Sinkovic, hanging out at Zan’s Creekside Campground.

Many campers tell us they plan on staying at the creek until Monday.