JOPLIN, Mo. — Many people took to the streets of downtown Joplin today for the annual “March for Jesus” event.

“It’s about Jesus reigns. You know, one of the things that we’ve understood in our community is that we need to get outside the walls of the church. We need to get united as a body of Christ. And we need to let the world know and especially in our region that we love them. We’re here for them and we want to support them,” said David Pizinger, servant leader, “March for Jesus”.

The “March for Jesus” is a global event celebrated by thousands of people all around the world today.

And here in Joplin, hundreds of walkers started on 7th and Main streets and wrapped up at Landreth Park for worship and prayer time.

Servant leader for the march, David Pizinger, says this event unites people from all around the world.

“It is so exciting, just all Christians, people who love Jesus coming together to make a public display of what we believe,” said Debbie Zehrer, coordinator, “March for Jesus”.

“We realize that it connects us around the world, but it also connects us individually because if we’re not connected individually, you know we’re just another number or maybe some building on some street corner. But we’re more than that, we’re children of God that love people,” said Pizinger.

“To gather together outside the church walls, outside the church building is essential. That is why Christ died so that we could love Him and love people,” said Geo Gonzalez, coordinator, “March for Jesus”.

Organizers were amazed at the turnout and seeing everyone come together for a commonality.

“I’m overwhelmed, I really am. Because I see so many different styles of people with such great hearts. And just to be a part of that is worth all this time we put together. And I’m looking forward to seeing more as they come,” said Pizinger.

“This is amazing, this is what it’s all about. This is the point of following Jesus is that we can be followers of Jesus and just come together and be united and not be divided by differences. But realize that we’re under one God, and under we’re under the name of Jesus,” said Gonzalez.