JOPLIN, Mo. — Call it a double pickleball upgrade coming to Joplin.

Existing courts in “Landreth Park” will get an overhaul in July.

They’ll be out of commission while the work is done. But the “Joplin Athletic Complex” has a fix.

Some tennis courts there will be dual-striped, meaning they can be used for both tennis and pickleball.

The courts at “Landreth” will get a whole new look, beginning with new surfacing.

“It will level out the areas that hold water. It will eliminate the cracks. What happens once that is cured – they come back in with another company will come out and repaint it and do the lines. Put in all the nets back in. So it’s really going to look brand new,” said Paul Bloomberg, Joplin Parks & Rec Dir.

Total cost of the “Landreth” project — about $35,000.