JOPLIN, Mo. — A local church takes time, this evening, to talk with families about cell phones and the internet.

It took place at “Central City Christian Church of Joplin”.

Dr. Chad Ragsdale broke down the positive and negative aspects of technology and social media.

His role was to create a discussion with families, looking at how much time we spend scrolling through apps.

He also mentioned that some of the content we can be exposed to can lead to issues, like depression and anxiety, even for kids.

It’s something he says can be addressed with a simple family discussion.

“I think more than anything else, we just need to start thinking well about our technology and actually just having those conversations with our kids, having those conversations around our dinner table, so that we collectively can identify what are the things that we can do as a family to get better control over this technology in our lives,” said Dr. Chad Ragsdale, OCC Researcher of Technology & Philosophy.

Dr. Ragsdale also mentioned how this post-COVID-19 pandemic era sees a lot of screen time, as many of us spent a significant amount of time on our phones during the pandemic.