JOPLIN, Mo. — One of the area’s most adored craft shows is taking place once again, this year, for the 32nd time.

It’s the annual Cecil Floyd Craft Show, and this year it’s a little different.

Organizers tell us, the show is spread throughout the school’s classrooms, freeing up some of the hallway space and allowing for more safety and security as hundreds of people are in and out during the day.

Also new this year, food trucks.

Each year, the craft show is a big fundraising effort by the Cecil Floyd PTA group, and this year’s funds will go towards something specific for the students.

“We’re really trying to focus on adding to the playground. We think our playground needs some major upgrades. And so, that’s a huge focus we’ve had this year is upgrading our playground for the kiddos,” said Brenna Ruiz, Craft Show Coordinator & Member of Cecil Floyd PTA.

Ruiz adds, the show’s cinnamon rolls are one of the biggest hits of the event.

She tells us the recipe for these rolls has been the exact same recipe for all 32 years.

Plus, the staff who makes the rolls has been the same group making them for all 32 years, as well.

Organizers say there are people who come to the show every year, just for those cinnamon rolls.