MIAMI, Okla. — Downtown Miami building must be vacated by all residents immediately due to structural issues discovered by engineers.


A Public Safety Message From The City of Miami

The City of Miami is issuing a public safety proclamation concerning the structural integrity within Miami Towers located at 41 North Main, and the public safety risk it involves.

The proclamation #21-002, implements the city’s emergency operation plan, which calls for the immediate evacuation of the building. All residents and businesses are ordered to evacuate the structure within 24 hours or by noon, Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021.

The need for evacuation comes after a 9 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 11, meeting between city officials and the structural engineer hired by the Miami Housing Authority board.

During the meeting, the structural engineer disclosed significant issues concerning the integrity of the 107-year-old building’s support columns – primarily the west/northwest corners of the structure, impacting the building’s fire escape route.

The structural engineer said no attached facilities/businesses or First Street are threatened by the issues within the Miami Towers.

However, in the interest of safety, the immediate area surrounding the building, including sidewalks and the alleyway, will be blocked off as an extra layer of protection. We ask people to use caution and comply with posted signage.

Miami Fire Chief Robert Wright and Miami Emergency Management Director Thomas Anderson asked the council to issue the emergency proclamation because of the public life/safety issues.

Concerns regarding the structure came to light earlier this summer after members of the Miami Housing Authority’s board of directors received a multi-million dollar rehabilitation facilities grant. Architects brought in to examine the building raised the initial concerns.

The building is owned by the Miami Housing Authority. The housing authority is an independent organization which provides HUD services for local residents.

City officials have offered the Miami Housing Authority assistance in relocating those impacted by the evacuation notice.

Residents or business owners with questions regarding evacuation information or needs should contact Mark McDowell, Miami Housing Authority manager at 918-542-6691 or

Any questions regarding the emergency proclamation may be directed to Anderson at 918.541.0495 or