WEBB CITY, Mo. — Follow us as we watch the T-33 military aircraft travel from Planeview Auto Sales to the general aviation entrance of Joplin Regional Airport along 171.

The plane is being donated by Jason and Debbie Gaskill of Planeview Auto Sales. 

The Joplin Freedom of Flight Museum will place it at the General Aviation Entrance to honor family members of Gaskill.

“My uncle, Samuel E. Gaskill was a full bird colonel in the Air Force (22 years). My step-dad, Jimmie R. Gaskill, was an airman second class in the Air Force.”

The military jet is a ‘Shooting Star’ T-33 training jet from 1952 Gaskill tells us. 

“It’s what they call a ‘static’ display. No motor. No avionics(radios).”

He says he purchased it in 2013 from an estate auction in Ontario, Oregon. It was shipped here in two pieces then reassembled. 

It will take an unknown period of time to do restorations on the T-33 before it will be on permanent display.

Read more about Freedom of Flight Museum here.


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