JOPLIN, Mo. — Over 150 runners took to the streets of Joplin for a “Chilly 5k” race, Sunday.

The race began around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon at the “Harry M. Cornell Arts and Entertainment Complex” on 7th Street.

From there, competitors headed for the finish line at the “Joplin Family YMCA” on 32nd Street.

This event has been in existence for 10 years now, and was produced by “Rufus Racing”, as well as being sponsored by “Freeman Health System”.

The “Joplin Family YMCA” is one of the benefactors of today’s race.

“At this time of year where it’s cold and you don’t get out much, this is such a blessing to be able to get everybody people will get to see friends, make new friends to run with other people, and just get out and enjoy each other and the weather and the outdoors. So yeah, it’s a really cool community event,” said Ruth Sawkins, Chilly 5K Race Director.

“The support is always great. One of the best things about running is ten percent of your support is from friends and family. Eighty percent is from complete strangers. And when you come out to an event like this, you really see runners are there to cheer each other on,” said John Zanatta, Chilly 5K Participant.

The children also had a chance to participate in the event, as they had a special race, spanning nearly a quarter of a mile.