JOPLIN, Mo. — You can learn a lot about a city’s history just by walking its streets.

In Joplin, you can also learn about its history through art.

Few people have done as much to support the arts in the Joplin area as George Spiva, which is why he’s featured prominently in the Main and B Street murals.

“Page 25 talks about this one, page 17 talks about this one,” said Tasha May, Home School Mom.

Tasha May served as tour director for a group of home school students from the age of three all the way up to 15. Wednesday, the group visited several downtown outdoor murals.

“And I feel like they’ll get a more appreciation for the art, and it will make them want to look downtown a little bit more at the different art that’s displayed,” said Tasha May.

“They got the closer view of the picture instead of driving by it really quickly,” said Drake May, Home School Art Club Teacher.

Her twelve-year-old son, Drake, teaches the art club and is glad to take his students outside for a change.

“Just to admire the art pieces and they’re probably gonna do some murals too, so we’re showing them references and other stuff to show them how to do one,” said Drake May.

The students will start making their own murals next week.

You can go on your own downtown art adventure by coming to the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in City Hall and picking up a map.