SARCOXIE, Mo. — Efforts to try and save the city swimming pool in Sarcoxie continue.

A public meeting was held this evening (Wednesday) to discuss what the future holds for the 20-plus-year-old facility.

The plan is to open it again next year.

There had been talks in recent months to eliminate it – and turn the property into a splash pad.

That’s no longer an option.

According to city officials – the pool will cost the city roughly $20,000 this year – and that doesn’t include normal expenses.

They recently made the move to open it Friday thru Monday to help with numbers.

It had been open only on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Based on tonight, based on public opinion over the last few weeks, it looks like we are needing to pursue continuing opening the pool and that may take some extra funds to try to make that happen,” said Matt Sommer, Sarcoxie City Pool Director.

“It makes us relieved, but we wonder how soon it will be revisited to close the pool, because even though the community has made an outcry for what they want is not always followed in many aspects,” said Honor Skipper, Sarcoxie resident.

The pool’s last weekend will be this weekend – it will not be open next Monday.

Also — another public meeting involving its future will take place next Monday, August 7th night at 6pm at *Sarcoxie City Hall.

*A previous version of this story said the meeting on August 7th was at the city pool. That was made in error.