SARCOXIE, Mo. — The City Council in Sarcoxie has made a decision, regarding Police Chief Brandy Corum’s suspension.

Mayor Don Triplett suspended Corum without pay on May 4th. Corum appealed her suspension the next day.

Triplett – took to social media and the city’s website to make an official statement.

That’s where Triplett stated the city’s assistant city manager – Tanner Rice – would be the acting police chief, in the meantime.

The requested resignation and subsequent suspension, according to the mayor’s social media post, were not for any one particular issue, but instead stem from “several reasons.”

However, obtained a copy of the disciplinary letter Chief Corum received, and in that letter, Triplett cites Chief Corum’s handling of an Amber Alert and the search for a missing child on April 15th as the primary reason for the suspension.

He cites Corum’s “willful disobedience and disrespect toward him.”

Following Chief Corum’s appeal – the city had 10 days to hold a council meeting to review her appeal.

Nearly a hundred residents showed up to the Sarcoxie City Council meeting tonight (Wednesday). After a closed session, the council announced their decision to keep Chief Corum in her current position.

However, she is still suspended until May 19th — but upon her return, Corum will no longer be under Mayor Triplett’s supervision.

We spoke to residents who showed up to tonight’s meeting and will have more on KSN 16 and KODE tonight at 10.