JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — An anti-human trafficking operation at a Jasper County hotel aims to connect four potential victims to local resources. The sheriff’s office has declined to name the hotel.

Jasper County Sheriff’s detectives and the “RISE” coalition made contact with the women on Friday, May 5th at the hotel.

But the office says the four women — all between 25 and 40 years old — were offering prostitution services.

The aim of the sheriff’s office operation was to intercept any potential human trafficking.

All four women were offered medical and social services.

“We wanted to convey to them that, ‘Yes, what you’re doing is illegal but that’s not necessarily the reason that we’re contacting you.’ And it’s, ‘We are interested in you as a human.’ And anyone that is a victim and being forced into this type of trade. And so, we wanted to make sure that they knew that there was an open line of communication between us,” said Tyler Christensen, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office detective.

“To provide services, including, like a hot meal that night, to make sure that they have a go-bag, that they’ve got clothing that’s going to make them feel comfortable in that situation. We were able to get them gift cards, and rent assistance if that’s what they needed. Some of them were in need of baby supplies, and being able to get them vouchers for that,” said Carolyn Schrage, RISE Victim Services Coordinator.

Two of the women sought full services, while one was arrested for warrants out of multiple jurisdictions, and the fourth was arrested for prostitution.