ORONOGO, Mo. — The construction of the latest builds for Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity are celebrated in Oronogo.

This is the only one actually in Oronogo. The other three were built in Joplin. This one is also under the umbrella of the Joplin Economic Housing Development Initiative or JEHDI, which was established in 2019. It’s an ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms home, meaning it was built with concrete walls.

As for the reason why they celebrated four homes in one place…

“When we completed the three other homes it was kind of in the winter months, so a lot of times that weather is not inviting. So we did this here today on occasion where the sun’s out and we’re glad to be together. We’ve always been of the thinking that building a house with the community and with a family will, will build in appreciation within both the community and the homeowner. So, what we find is that if somebody can see something built from the ground up, they can gain a certain appreciation of the house,” said Scott Clayton, JAHFH Executive Director / JEHDI President.

JEHDI has constructed 9 homes, bringing the total for it and Habitat to 186 homes.