CARTHAGE, Mo. — Jasper County election officials are counting down the days to the August Primary.

Today, that involved training for poll workers to let them know about any changes that have taken place.

The one change, of course, is some new equipment added to better assist visually-impaired voters.

The county is also statutorily required to do a public test of all its equipment. Members of the media and all of the major political parties were invited to watch.

“It’s interesting. We’ve already done it twice because we have to set up absentee voting in Carthage and absentee voting in Joplin, so we’ve run the test deck through about 900 or so ballots, and the results at the end of both of those were 100% accurate, so we know how it’s going to be, but this just makes the public very confident in their election system, and it’s going to be very successful without any flaws,” said Charlie Davis, Jasper County Clerk.

Voters will give it a go for real on Tuesday, August 2nd.