WEBB CITY, Mo. — Halloween is a week away, and preparing to feed those in need this holiday season is not far behind.

“Webb City Cares” is working on building up their supply of nonperishable items to send home with students over the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays.

Peanut butter is a major need as it’s nutritious, inexpensive, and doesn’t have to be kept cold.

Weekend snack packs are sent home with roughly 160 students every week, and with holidays quickly approaching, that need will likely double.

“When we get into October, we’re starting to think about the holidays, and we see a huge uptick in need during the holidays. So we always ask for things for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then again spring break, those long breaks when kids aren’t in school is when really they need excess food at home,” said Jesse DeGonia, Director, Webb City Cares.

Nonperishable food items can be dropped off at any district school or at the Webb City Cares location on North Madison.