REDINGS MILL, Mo. — In conjunction with Fire Prevention Week, we spent time with the Redings Mill Fire District to discuss in-home tips.

One of the first lines of defense in a home is a smoke detector – make sure yours is functioning properly and test it regularly.

Redings Mills Battalion Chief of EMS Leif Hasty suggests using your smoke detector to practice in-home fire drills.

Another important tip – if you have a fire extinguisher, make sure it’s the proper one for your home – usually labeled as an “ABC” extinguisher – and that it’s charged.

Hasty says to avoid using water because of the uncertainty of what caused the fire.

He also says you need to have an escape route planned.

“Escape plans, have a certain route you want to stay away from the smoke as much as possible, go the route where there is no smoke. If you can go out your back door, go out your back door. If your front door is the way to go, then take that. Just make sure that you’re being smart about it, you handle it fast, you do it systematically, call out for everybody and say we’re going out the front door, it’s clear this way,” said Leif Hasty, Redings Mill Fire District Battalion Chief of EMS.

Hasty also suggests implementing a meeting spot outside the home.

On a related note, statistics show “cooking” is one of the most common causes of in-home fires.