CARTERVILLE, Mo. — Chili and bingo were on the agenda for folks in Carterville, this evening.

Around 100 community members gathered at the “Carterville Community Center” for the event, hosted by the “Carterville Park Committee”.

Over 15 different kinds of chili put taste buds to the test.

Bingo night featured prizes for winners like “Ninja” blenders, fishing gear, and plenty of gift cards.

Tonight’s get-together also came with the mission of planning for upcoming fundraising efforts.

The goal is to revitalize the community center, but committee members say their hope is to bring it back to how it originally looked.

“We have a vision to completely restore this gym back to the hay-day that it was built, back in the 40s I believe. Getting the windows back in working order, getting them open and clear, and just letting the sunshine in,” said Alan Griffin, Carterville Mayor.

While this event was the first of its kind for the committee, organizers say they plan to make it happen every year.