CARTHAGE, Mo. — New radios for emergency responders, hundreds of them.

“The overall number is $2,058,000. That includes the Jasper County radio purchases and mobiles and portable radios. As well as the purchases for the municipal agencies. Carterville, Duenweg, Jasper, Sarcoxie, Carterville, as well as Carl Junction, Webb City,” said Jasper Co. Sheriff Randee Kaiser.

And Joplin – an agreement Jasper County commissioners signed for $600,000 in that city alone.

It covers the cost of about 350 radios – all the same – and a massive software upgrade.

“Want to include everybody in on it and sometimes getting all those puzzle pieces to fit is a challenge. We are probably in my opinion, anyway, closer than we’ve ever been to being completely interoperable where everybody’s on the same system in the county for the first time in a really, really long time,” said Kaiser.

It all focuses on the state MOSWIN radio system.

Upgrading field radios for all Jasper County emergency agencies means better communications.

“From everything to being able to talk to another officer who’s on the opposite side of the house at a standoff, to be able to relay information across the county about something that you know is going on with regards to public safety. Our ultimate goal at the end of the day is making that communication seamless and I think we’re a step closer right now,” said Kaiser.

A goal county commissioners say makes Jasper County safer.

“We kind of saw that all come to fruition during COVID. And there were so many times that if that had been in place it could have been so much better. So by doing this and getting everybody on board in the county, it’ll make a big difference,” said Darieus Adams, Jasper Co. Comm.

The sheriff hopes to have the entire system in place and functioning by the end of the year.