MISSOURI (NEXSTAR) — Missouri saw its first freeze of the season when Maryville dropped below 32 degrees on Oct. 13. Feels early? Depending on where you live in Missouri, it might be.

A freeze is defined as having a low temperature of 32º or colder. Technically, a hard freeze is when temperatures drop to 28º or below. You can get frost with air temperatures several degrees above freezing.

For the purposes of this, we’ll just look at the average first day with low temperatures of 32º or colder coming after the conclusion of the summer months. The average is over a 30-year period from 1991-2020.


The later freezes happen in cities closer to the southernmost part of the state. Caruthersville has the latest first freeze, usually having to wait until November to reach the freezing mark.

Maryville – Oct. 13

Kirksville – Oct. 14

Bethany – Oct. 17

Farmington – Oct. 18

Kennett – Oct. 20

Lebanon – Oct. 20

Kansas City – Oct. 22

West Plains – Oct. 22

Rolla — Oct. 23

Springfield – Oct. 24

Warrensburg – Oct. 24

Nevada – Oct. 27

Monett – Oct. 30

St. Louis – Nov. 2

Caruthersville – Nov. 8

With temperatures hovering around 70 degrees the next few days, we likely won’t see a freeze in Springfield for some time.