COMMERCE, Okla. — Hollywood came to northeast Oklahoma on Wednesday.

Actor Sylvester Stallone and a Paramount film crew spent the day filming scenes at the childhood home of Major League Baseball royalty Mickey Mantle.

Stallone was filming scenes for the “Tulsa King”, a story about a fictional New York mafia boss that spent 25 years in prison. After his release, the mob sends him to Tulsa.

Tony Holden, a longtime friend of Stallone, kept his friend’s appearance in Commerce a secret.

“He is a very humble guy and likes talking to his fans,” Holden said of the Rocky franchise star.

Holden also owns Mantle’s childhood home.

“The character is a Mickey Mantle fan and breaks into the home,” Holden said of the scene.

“There was so much security- people couldn’t get near the set,” Holden said.  

Stallone greeted some of the neighbors and signed autographs, he said.

The Commerce Police Dept released a statement on a social networking site thanking the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, the Quapaw Nation Marshals, the BIA and the Miami Nation Police who assisted with set security.

“Mr. Stallone was also a genuinely nice man and it was an honor for all who got to meet him and we hope Tulsa King is a huge success,” the post stated.