CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — As the saying goes — ’tis the season of giving. And some young students are getting a firsthand lesson in helping others.

“Maddi, Sophia’s friend, only had milk and bread. And Sophia gave her food,” said Charlotte Bullman, Carl Junction 1st Grader.

Helping others – the plot of a children’s book. It focuses of good friends Maddi and Sophia who are playing together. When they look for a snack, it leads Sophia to a lesson in giving.

“Didn’t have any food – she only had milk and bread,” said Ava Brown, Carl Junction 1st Grader.

“That her mom and her brother and her went shopping for food for her,” said Charlotte.

“Because somebody else needed it,” added Jeremiah McCroy, Carl Junction 1st Grader.

“It’s a really neat book about a couple of friends and one of them realizes that the other friend has some different needs that maybe this other child doesn’t. And so it’s a sparks good conversations in their class about different means that different children might have in their homes,” said Ashley Shead, Lafayette House.

The book is called “Maddi’s Fridge.” And it prompted these 6 and 7 year olds to look for a cause to help.

They picked Lafayette House, collecting a wide range of items to help the families housed there.

“Blankets, clothes,” said Charlotte.

“There’s blankets. And also napkins, toilet paper,” added Ava.

“They decided to get blankets, paper towels, toilet paper, and a lot of socks and stuff,” said Jeremiah.

Also hairbrushes, toothpaste, towels, coats, and shoes. Donations that will make a big difference at the Lafayette House.

“It made me cry, because it was just such a heartfelt story and I think it’s great for the kids to become aware of different needs that are in their community, but not just to become aware, to learn to make a difference. To learn that there’s something they can do to help their community or their friends right, you know, right here in their classroom potentially,” said Shead.