DIAMOND, Mo. — More than 60 individuals took the oath to become U.S. citizens today at George Washington Carver National Monument.

This is the fourth time the park has held a naturalization ceremony through a partnership with the U.S. Citizenship, Immigration Services, and the National Park Service.

Immigrants from nearly 30 countries swore their allegiance to the U.S. The ceremony is led by Judge M. Douglas Harpool.

Park Superintendent, James Haney says he feels honored to be hosting the event at the park.

“It is something they have worked for, for years. Some of these applicants may have been working through the process for 10 years maybe even more so these are people with very compelling stories, they want to become American citizens and today we’re going to honor them,” said Haney.

The newly sworn-in citizens will now be able to vote and received their social security cards following the ceremony.