GOODMAN, Mo. — After years of deterioration, Goodman residents will soon have brand new roads to drive on.

The city recently decided to go ahead and repave all of their roads instead of just doing it a section at a time.

 Mayor J.R. Fisher says they will take out a loan of $750,000 and make annual payments using the revenue city’s mass transportation tax.

Mayor Fisher says the last time the city received new roads was back in the eighties, and it’s long past due.

“I think the community will be happier because if we do this section over here this section won’t be happy. Or if we just do one or two sections, you know, somebody’s going to end up short handed. So, just do all of it at once and you know just take care of the citizens. They pay the taxes, so, lets give back. That’s what we’re here for,” said Mayor Fisher.

Work to repave the approximately 6 miles of road will begin around July first.