COLUMBUS, Kans. — We’ve got another Golden Lion Award winner for volunteerism.

This Columbus Titan is staying busy in the classroom, on the field, and helping others.

“Being a small town. I mean, I really enjoyed getting the fact that you know everyone,” said Trent Smith, CUHS Senior.

Pretty easy when you’ve got a long list of activities like Trent Smith. Athletics is high on the list.

“I’m involved in football, wrestling, and baseball this year. I decided to try out for golf for the first time,” he added.

Trent is also in FCCLA.

“I’ve gotten to the position of being president for that this year. And help run our local community blood drive for the school. And one of the biggest things that I do part of that was I get to go around and convince all the other high schoolers to help.”

There’s also National Honor Society, he’s vice president there, and also the high school Chemistry Club.

“During Columbus Day fairs like where we have a bunch of experiments and like stuff set up for little kids that come and play around with like dry ice so they see lots of just a bunch of cool stuff so they can come and play and basically make a mess,” Trent said.

Trent also helps out with the big student council food drive… and is still planning end of year projects.

“We’re thinking about looking at going up to the Addington Park, and cleaning up one of the walking trails, helping do that or pick up trash around the community.”

Columbus teachers aren’t surprised Trent is being honored for his volunteerism.

“He’s an outstanding citizen in our community – great kid. Someone that, he’s a great role model for the younger kids,” said Aimee Saporito, CUHS Teacher.

“I am so proud of him and how he leads by example. And he does an awesome job at including others that wouldn’t always be included in something,” said Tracy Parsons, CUHS Teacher.

Trent is still plotting his course after graduation, but he has a few ideas.

“Engineering degree. I know MSSU offers an Industrial Engineering degree and I believe that’d be a good broad degree to go for,” he said.