One of our Joplin News First moderators, Ashley R. (L)

KSN-16 STUDIOS, JOPLIN, Mo. — Longtime friend Hank Rotten retired from daily radio and tv shows this past year but he continues to carry on his traditional show, Friday Night at the Movies w/Hank & Miss Ashley.

“17 years, that’s how long, Hank told us.” And Miss Ashley? Hank says, well I think it’s about 6 years for her?

She pipes up and he doesn’t hear her, “I think this next year it’s going to be 12 years!” Everyone laughs.

The concept is that Friday Nights, really Saturday morning, at 12:35 AM a full length movie is shown and then in the commercial breaks Hank and Ashley share about their sponsors and then interview a guest, hear some music from a live band, tell jokes, and a favorite of many people? Ashley shows off her shoes.

800 episodes, 17 years and still going strong!

It’s always at the top of the show and Hank seems to really love it. He bragged, “this is our 800 and something show and she’s only once worn the same pair of shoes.”

Ashley is stunning. But she’s a mom, a wife and a career woman in real life.

Joplin News First had the chance to bring along some of our moderators and they got to share a little bit about themselves and how they help #JLN.

Moderator Anita stated, “I don’t help because I really love social media. I feel it’s a chance to help direct the conversation because people can be really rude in comments.”

“Or people could reveal a name of someone if they had died in a crash? That’s not appropriate so our moderators would remove that quickly,” stated Shannon Becker.

Ashley R is one of our other moderators who joined us for the taping. Hank was excited, “I get to have me an Ashley sandwich tonight!” And everyone laughed.

The green screen behind the recording turns into a brick pizza oven Hank says!

Why does Ashley R. help to moderate? The pay is ZERO. “I just like social media, I like being behind the camera.” Hank asks if she’s ever been in front of the camera and she says, “Maybe, (thinking) one time.”

Well you couldn’t tell because Ashley R was a pro taping with Hank and the other Ashley and Anita.

The airing of the full film with all the commercial breaks (since we didn’t include them all!) will be October 18, 12:35 AM (aka Saturday morning) on KSN-16 TV Joplin.