JOPLIN, Mo. — Children at the Freeman Learning Center in Joplin enjoy some classic tales. Fitting — seeing how yesterday was Dr. Seuss Day.

This “Cat in the Hat” reading event is something Freeman Health System does every year in conjunction with Ozarks Public Television. A way to help promote reading skills, and develop a love of reading in the kids.

Health System President and CEO, Paula Baker read to the children — as did Dr. Adam Fahrenholtz and Health System CFO Steve Graddy.

“Reading is so important for children. It really is the foundation for all their future academic success. So we want them to learn a real love for reading, real love for books, And although many things are digital these days and that’s great, there’s nothing like cracking open a book. And so we want children to really learn to appreciate that as well,” said Baker.

“I knew it’s great for the kids that have interactions with anybody. With the digital age you know they don’t have that same interaction. But I think it’s important for their growth that they’re reading and they’re doing what they need to be doing,” said Sharp.

Sharp added their focus is to also have kids learn in an environment in which they are happy and enjoy.

By the way, Dr. Seuss was born on this day in 1904.