CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — As graduation draws closer for area high school seniors — we’re announcing the final winner of our annual Golden Lion Award.

“I have been a Carl Junction Bulldog since kindergarten. And all the way through 12th grade,” said Chloe Abts, CJHS Senior.

It’s been a jam-packed year for Chloe Abts, combining high school with what comes next.

“Tried to get a few extra college classes like dual credit college classes in this year so I wouldn’t have to take them next year and I can really focus on my future,” said Abts.

There’s also book club and band…

“I have a love for music,” she adds.

And graphic arts…

“Like printing T-shirts or making stickers and it’s pretty cool to see kids walking around the school in a T-shirt that you made.”

And National Honor Society. But archery may be what Chloe enjoys most.

“I did archery in eighth grade, all the way through my junior year and junior year is whenever coach introduced me to potentially assisting and coaching for the elementary team,” she said.

Not her comfort zone at first, but that quickly changed.

“At first I was a little nervous and but once I got used to coaching and I had some great mentors, it became kind of like a breeze and it was probably one of the best things that would make my week and highlight my week,” Chloe said.

She spent countless hours working with those young archers.

“It’s a very special sport because we are all very close together. And just teaching the love for the sport. Just amazes me because those elementary kids are just great,” she said.

A level of commitment to the sport, those kids, and her school that her teachers praise.

“Chloe is one of those students that when teachers see her name on their roster, they go – yes! She’s just going to bring a positive energy and you know really serve as an example to other students just through her engagement,” said Doug Logan, CJHS Teacher.

“Archery, she’s been outstanding as a volunteer – coming back and helping our younger team. It’s been exceptional. Just hard worker, very encouraging to those younger kids,” said Chelsi Leggett, CJHS Teacher/Coach.

Chloe is looking forward to a career in therapy.

“I’m going to attend Missouri Southern for my first four years and get a bachelor in kinesiology exercise science. And then I’m going to go to Cox College in Springfield to get my doctorate in occupational therapy,” she said.